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Preparando una variedad de ceviches de la mano de Gastón Acurio

Preparando una variedad de ceviches de la mano de Gastón Acurio

Desde el ceviche tradicional, el popular, sí! el que te sirves en el mercado, ceviche con chicharrón de calamar, ceviche de toyito , ceviche de camotito, ceviche nikei



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  • Vivian dice:

    Very informative post. Thanks for taking the time to share your view with us.

    • Noor dice:

      Here’s the ceviche repice. I boiled the shrimp. Then, let it soak in lime juice for about 45 mins before adding in the other ingredients. It’s quicker than the traditional method and it’s also safer. Don’t do it the real way unless you’ve got sushi grade fish. I also doubled the repice for last night.1 pound of medium shrimp, deveined8-10 limes, juiced. (about 1 cup of lime juice)2 tomatoes1/2 onion (I used vidalia b/c they’re mild and sweet, use red or yellow if you want stronger flavor)1 jalapeno1/2 bunch cilantro (optional. I left out b/c some people HATE it)Few pinches of salt.-Boil a pot of water and put rinsed, cleaned shrimp in for 4-5 minutes until pink. Drain, and rinse in cold water. Remove shells and tails if needed and chop into small pieces-Cover the shrimp in lime juice with salt in a big bowl.-Put it in the fridge and let sit for about 45 mins.-While the shrimp marinates, chop up the tomatoes and onion. Seed and chop the jalapeno. Pick, rinse and chop the cilantro, if you’re using it.-Add tomatoes, onions and jalapeno to the shrimp, stir and put back in the fridge for at least another 45 mins.-Cut up avocado and add that and the cilantro just before serving.-Keep it cold and serve with tostones (or tortilla chips)

  • Kiyoko dice:

    And here’s the tostones and gialrc sauce.Tostones:Green plantains 1=8 tostonesOlive oil-cut off ends of plaintain. Cut lengthwise down center. Peel off the skin. Slice on a bias.You can get 4 out per half. It’s up to you how big you make them.-fry in olive oil until golden-place on paper towels to soak up oil-if you dont have a fancy schmancy plantain smasher, you can use the bottom of a mug. Place the fried plantain on a cutting board and put a paper bag or kraft paper between the plantain and the mug to soak up oil and help with sticking. Then hulk smaaaaaash.-put the flat plantains back in the pan with oil and fry again until they get a little brown on them, both sides.-place back on paper towels-serve right awayThese can be served as little pizzettes with a topper (like ceviche) or alone with a dipping sauce.Sauce:1/4 cup olive oil2 teaspoons of crushed gialrc (3-5 cloves)1/4 teaspoon lemon juicePinch saltWhisk together or blend in a blender for smoother sauce. It’s all to taste so add as needed. Throw in some cilantro for extra flavor.

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